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Working on Gift Lists

Rebekah Eats Avacado

I just love Halloween. Not for the reason  you may think. This is the kickoff to the holiday season for our family, and I am ready! My sewing machine and knitting needles are all ready to go,  in an upstairs bedroom area. It is time to start sewing and knitting  surprises for everyone on my list. Great fun.

Right now, I am looking for more information on Digital Scrapbooking? Yes, I feel moved to start a new hobby. Really, it is because I take so many pictures of my children that I need a nice way to get them out of the photo folders and make them fun for everyone to look at.

One of the plans that I have for Christmas is to make a family picture book for Rebekah. Everyone gets a page with their photo on it and they are going to decorate it in their own way. Then I have a laminating machine, where I can laminate each page and then somehow make a little book for her. Drool proof pages and all. Rebekah is also getting some felt shapes stuffed and with a little bell inside for interest. I probably will make a few pinafores for her and some other little things, but her thrill will be the wrapping paper of course. Here is a super cute shoe pattern for her, too.

I also found the cutest bandanna pants for Sebastian. He wears bandannas now, but only on his head. As in, ONLY a bandanna on his head. No tan lines. In the buff..Hopefully with cooler weather here now, he will enjoy wearing bandannas on his business ends of things. So he gets a couple of pairs of cute bandanna pants in his stocking.

Josiah is 8, and he just plain wants anything/everything he sees. The nice thing is that he only wants it when he sees it, so whatever he opens, is the perfect gift. LOL! I know that some bulk Legos  off of Ebay is always one of his favorite things for Christmas, so probably going there.. I did already find a set of Pokemon (or some other Anime’ cartoon that he likes) sheets made of flannel. They were at the thrift store and only about $3.00. He will be thrilled!!

Gabe is my guitar player. He wants music paper to write his own music on. Yes, I know that I can probably find some for free online, but it would be nice to buy him some good stuff from the music store.
He wants another pair of pajama pants, and other than that-he hasn’t really asked for anything.

Nathanial has actually asked for a loft bed so he can put his computer desk under it. I am hoping to find one may be on Freecycle or something. We only have $100. budget for each child and that is nowhere near enough for one of those. He hasn’t asked for anything else, so I am not sure what to do.

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