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Why Wash Dried Beans?

This photo  is the perfect example of why one has to wash and pick through dried beans before use. I love using beans in my cooking. They are:

  1. Cheap
  2. Yummy
  3. Filling
I admit to not always doing more than a glance and rinse before cooking them, however. Yesterday, while measuring out 3 cups of dried beans(I keep them in a gallon jar),  I noticed a small stone on the top of the pile. Removing that, I poured the beans into a colander for rinsing. There was another stone! 
Now, being a Root Canal Survivor, my thoughts turned to the feeling I would experience if I had chomped down on one of those stones!  I was a bit fearful, and decided to give my beans a thorough examination. Would you believe I had ANOTHER stone?! In all my years of cooking with beans, I don’t think I have come across more than 3 or 4 stones, ever. This small 3 cup batch had THREE stones!  
The whole point of this post is to remind any other sort-of-lazy-cooks-who-take-shortcuts, that checking over beans is a GREAT idea. Consider this a head’s up. 
PS, the chili I made was delicious, without any stones. 
Have a great day! 

1 thought on “Why Wash Dried Beans?”

  • Sounds like you could have made stone soup! I never learned how to cook with beans. My mom only used beans out of a can. Do you have a good chili recipe to share? Mine is really boring. Ground beef, canned tomatoes, chili seasoning packet and canned kidney beans. Heather in PA

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