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Using The Pantry To Save My Sanity

I have to admit: Cooking is really fun for me. I do it out of necessity and also as a way to make myself feel better, more in control of my life. Sound too psychoanalytical?

Take tonight for example. With the new baby, she is becoming pretty fussy around 4ish. This is prime time to start dinner for me. Of course, at 3 weeks old the baby gets top billing, but the rest of the family is slowly fading from starvation. So, here I am with a fussy newborn and a crew of irritated children(and mother in law) waiting impatiently for their grub.

The answer? Use the freezer meals that the Kitchen Fairy put up before having a baby! Yea me!!!

Tonight, we had goulash. It wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t that pretty, but it was super easy and cleanup was a snap, since it was frozen in a foil lined pan. I am genius! Dinner was a matter of me going to the freezer this morning, pulling out the pan(which included the directions for cooking, right-on-the-foil. Everyone recognized the dish and I had to merely heat and serve.

There is something to be said for a little preparation. Add to the meal, a jar of home canned apricots and some bread. Food fit for a king, queen and 5 assorted royal kidlets.

Try to eat at least one item out of your food storage every day. Make it a habit to shop the pantry first and don’t be afraid to keep the meals fairly mundane. It is all about the family time anyways. The nutrition is a bonus!

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