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The Farming Wife Thinks Holidays

It is official. There are 14 weeks left until Christmas. This is my favorite time of year, the preparation for the holiday. Over the years, I have started spreading out my Christmas buying and making, so that it becomes manageable financially and timewise.

 I love to do all the traditional holiday things: Decorating, cookie making, homemade gifts, shopping, sending cards, etc. but how does one fit it all in? I manage everything by setting up tasks and sticking to them. The trick is to do it all in small bites. That way, there is less of a chance that I give up.

I have used Holiday Grand Plan, for the last few years to at least remember what needs doing. Check out all that those ladies have done to make the whole experience organized. I do not do all the printing and note taking, but their advice is well worth a look. They also have a yahoo group, but be warned, it creates a TON of messages. even using Digest,  you will get multiple ones a day. Phew! 
Currently, I am organizing my holiday sewing, preparing addresses for cards, and deciding what we are going to use for decorating. This year will be especially sweet, because it is my baby’s first Christmas. 
While you are thinking about the holidays, check out my Thanksgiving  dessert menu and Turkey Brine recipe. You may be able to start stockpiling a little each week to  help take the edge off the scary-big shopping list of Thanksgiving foods. 
Next: My holiday sewing list will be revealed. 🙂  Have a good day!

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