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The Farming Wife Makes Chicken Pot Pie

Dinner tonight was unbelievable and I wanted to share it with you.
Last week, I roasted two chickens. I like to have cooked meat of some sort in the freezer, some hamburger and some chicken really make it easier for me to make a nice meal on a busy day.

I decided to make chicken pot pie out of one bag of chicken I had frozen. It was the equivalent of one whole chicken.
Using my foolproof pie crust recipe,  I lined two pie plates. To make a meat based pie, I  like to make a little bit thicker crust, so the 5 single crusts that this recipe usually makes, only makes two meat  pies.

In a sauce pan, melt butter and olive oil, the two together give a great flavor. I added onion, mushrooms, carrots and celery to the  melted butter/oil. Cover and let cook until softened. Then I added three peeled/diced potatoes. Re cover and cook until the potatoes are becoming soft, but not fully cooked. This keeps them from falling apart when finished in the oven.
Add 2/3 cup of flour to the cooked vegetables and stir to coat them all. Then add a total of 5 cups of milk/chicken broth mixture. I had 1 cup of milk tonight and the rest was broth. Add the chicken to the pan and heat until thickened.
Ladle evenly into the prepared pie plates. Cover with second crust and add a few slits for steam to escape.
Bake in 400 degree oven for 40 minutes and let rest for 5 before cutting.

Seriously, fabulous dinner.

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