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The Farming Wife Makes Brownie Torte

This dessert is one that you pull out when your grocery bill is stretched tight. It tastes rich and indulgent, while serving at least 8. Don’t let the small size fool you, slice the pieces very thin.

You need:

Your favorite brownie recipe that fits a 9×13 cake pan
Cream cheese frosting
a handful of chocolate chips

line your pan w foil and use non stick spray or your choice of fat to grease well
Make the brownies and pour into lined pan. Bake then cool 2 hours
Flip cold brownies out of the pan, peel off foil
Cut down the long way to make two equal pieces.
Place first brownie layer onto dish or platter
Frost the top
place second piece neatly on top
Frost sides and top ith cream cheese frosting.
Chop a handful of chocolate chips and sprinkle on the top.
Chill then serve.


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