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The Farming Wife Loves Her Droid

It may seem a contradiction in persona, but I love my electronic devices. I bake homemade bread, slather it with homemade butter and jam, then use Tweetdeck on my Droid to tell the world about it. Go figure.

Some of you may have noticed my increasing  homesickness for the Adirondacks mountains, where I grew up. We are returning there eventually, but not this month(ha!). Meanwhile, I plaster my workspace with photos of upstate NY and VT, beg my online friends for leaves(which I never got this year, boo hoo), and make a nuisance  of myself to anyone brave enough to mention that they are in that area of the country. I even went to far as to stalk, er I mean tweet someone who happened to say they were in a locale that sounded familiar to my old stomping ground. Nice, eh?

If you are still with me, thanks. 🙂

I found an app for my Droid last night, that helps bring the Adirondacks to me. I am in no way being compensated (other than spiritually and mentally) for mentioning this, it’s just a wonderful app and is working to provide background noise for my baby to sleep, while I pound away on the keyboard this morning.

We slept to the sounds of crickets, a stream and forest birds, all night long. Bliss…

Anyhow, here is the App, called Relax and Sleep. Seriously great app. The only sound it is missing to complete me, is the sound of Loons calling on a lake.

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