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The Farming Wife Goes To Farm Aid

The Farming Wife is very excited to report that I am actually going to leave the farm for a few days, and go to Farm Aid 2011, in Kansas City, Ks.

I am working of course, covering it for Foodista.com and About.com, and reporting  back the entire event to Nebraska Sustainable Ag Society, who graciously donated tickets and gas for me to get there.

I will also be chatting live on Twitter as much as possible, so follow me @herbgardens or @thefarmingwife, and enjoy the conversation – send in your questions, too!

My hope is to connect with many of the other small farm owners, who will be providing the food for the festival. It is always enlightening to see how they manage to make it work. Wish me luck! It is a 5 hour drive with my two youngest kids and my oldest in tow. The two remaining at home with their dad, will be running the place. Yikes!

So….Farm Aid Or Bust!! 🙂

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