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Thanksgiving countdown Day 7: Gratitude Jar Printable

Today is Day 7 in the Thanksgiving Countdown, and that means things are about to get real. Thankfully, if you have been following along, you have a menu, a grocery list, and at least some semblance of a guest list? I mean, there is always room for more at the table, but a general idea of who is coming helps.

Today’s task is simple to print out a Gratitude Jar PDF. I use this every year and leave it on the table while the appetizers flow. If you cut out the pieces and place them next to a jar or bowl, guests and family can fill them out when relaxing and visiting. I hope you love it as much as I do.

We can do this!! It’s not about what you make, or if you make it, or how much you make. It’s about creating a warm and peaceful event that includes those you love. For me, I cook like crazy because I enjoy it. For another person, perhaps everyone brings a dish, or you order in. It doesn’t matter. We all can find things to be grateful for, and this is the day we can surround ourselves with loved ones, no matter what that looks like.

Looking for last year’s gratitude jar printable? I gotchu:
Another printable gratitude jar PDF

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