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Thanksgiving Countdown Day 11 Coloring Pages

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Day 11 in the Thanksgiving Countdown is for the kids. Well, I love doing simple crafts too, but I find myself buying all the things I need and never taking the time to do them; so they pile up. LOL, This is why I love crafts that are simple and fast to make. My teen daughter colors the included banner on the ipad before printing, but I love old fashioned crayons. However you decide, your kids will enjoy making this banner and seeing it displayed for the whole family to admire.

Another fun way to use the banner pieces is to color them, cut them out, and put names on each one for place cards. Later in the Countdown, I will be showing you how I make sturdy little place cards that can be saved from year to year.

That’s it for today. I am finishing up some last-minute winterizing in the barn, and then working on craft show inventory. I have four lined up, so that is a LOT of tea!

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