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Tenth Village Farm: A Visit to An Ethically Minded Meat Processor

I recently had the chance to visit a new licensed poultry processor right up the road from our farm! It was such a great surprise to see something so important come to our rural area.

I spent two hours talking to Scott Graeber and Jennifer Yandow, owners of Tenth Village Farm in Calais, Maine. They were not only kindred spirits, they were offering a much needed service for the people of Washington County, Maine.

Having a licensed facility to bring your chickens to also allows small farmers to raise animals for the market. A chicken that is processed at a licensed facility is legal for resale. That is huge for the local farm movement here. It’s Christmas huge. It’s lottery huge.

I wrote of the experience for Foodista.com and you can find the blog here:

Tenth Village Farm is Ethical, Sustainable, Profitable
Tenth Village Farm

They are online at Facebook here:  Tenth Village Farm

Because of space constraints, I wasn’t able to use all the photos available for the story and just had to share a few more with you. Check these out!


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