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Summer Rhubarb Crisp

Rhubarb Crisp

If you shop with a tight budget and only go once or twice a month to the store, you have to be a bit creative when trying to come up with meals and desserts out of the pantry. 

I like to use what I’m growing as much as possible and this early in the growing season, it’s rhubarb. 

Rhubarb crisp is a family favorite, and it’s so easy to have the ingredients on hand that I make it often. Because rhubarb freezes so well, it’s also a much-loved recipe during the winter months. I try to harvest mine every few days, pulling only the thickest stalks. Cut it up and freeze in 2 cup measurements for easy recipe making. 

There are fancier versions (like the photo of Raspberry Rhubarb Crisp above, by Vegan Feast Catering)  But I am a huge fan of the Dump and Hope Philosophy. I know how it is supposed to look in the pan and sprinkle or add until I get there. Fortunately for this blog post, I measured just for you. Here is my recipe:

Simple Rhubarb Crisp

  • 4-6 cups chopped rhubarb-measured loosely, it doesn’t matter as long as your baking pan is 1 inch full of pieces.
  • 1 box red jello -raspberry, strawberry, it doesn’t matter
  • 1 stick butter
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 1 cup whole oats
  • cinnamon/nutmeg if desired


In a baking pan (I use a 9X13 cake pan), add the rhubarb. If you are using frozen rhubarb, allow it to thaw slightly. Break it up so it evenly covers the pan.

Sprinkle sugars/jello powder/flour/oats overall.

Sprinkle with cinnamon/nutmeg

Place pats of butter evenly over the entire pan.

Bake 375 for 30-45 minutes, or until hot in the center and topping is slightly browned and bubbling on the edges.

Serve over ice cream or with whipped cream. Delish!!

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1 thought on “Summer Rhubarb Crisp”

  • The one thing that bothers me about living in the Mid South… no rhubarb. I’m betting it’s simply wonderful tho! I like the ration on the recipe tho… I will try it with another fruit.

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