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Such A Great Conference

This weekend was such fun. Dh, myself and the two youngest, all headed to Columbus, NE for the Healthy Farms Conference. It was just full of organic suppliers, farmers and families that were interested in the dozens of topics revolving around sustainability.
I was lucky enough to have an hour to blather on about herbs and using them with livestock. The room was pretty full, and I apparently didn’t do too bad a job because no one booted us out afterwards. 🙂

Sebastian had a blast in the kids’ room, where he made dirt/seed balls( Ala Guerilla Gardening style), a terrarium, various seed necklaces and homemade paper. They had healthy snack sessions and even a class on vermiculture for the kids. Since he has a worm composting bin on the counter at home, Sebastian felt he was an expert and got right up on the table to examine what sort of worms were in their bin. He ripped up newspaper and handled the worms like a pro. It was cute as heck. I was going to take some photos, but there were a lot of children all gathered around the table, and I know that not everyone is a fan of having their child’s photo pasted on the internet.

I made many new friends, and was reminded of how much fun it would be if we lived a little bit closer to Lincoln. There certainly is a LOT of super Granola-crunchy-organic-sustainable type stuff going on in that area. ~insert sigh~

Thanks to anyone who bought soap or other things from me. I appreciated every  ounce of positive energy you shared. It was wonderful for me, and for the kids, to be around all of you.

I look forward to next year!! 

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