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Strange Days On The Farm

Goldenrod with plenty of bee action

DH just mowed down the last of what was supposed to be our garden this year. I managed to keep it for a few extra weeks, because although the squash plants didn’t give us any veg, it was a haven for the bees, so I didn’t have the heart to get rid of the blossoming plants.

Our farm is so strange right now. We live in the ~in between~, of packing and thinking of moving, and the actual moving. Instead of filling my pantry with every available food from the garden and wild, I am trying to use up the foods that we do have stored (you know, the pickles that are a little mushy, the less desirable meats that end up in the bottom of the deep freeze). It is not the bustling kitchen that I am normally experiencing, and that is sad.

Now, I worry about NOT selling the farm before winter, and how our diet is going to be affected by not having a large stash of foods available. The rising cost of food isn’t really that worrisome, since the things most affected are not even on our menu. In my opinion, flour-sugar-yeast-beans-etc, may cost a bit more, but they still stretch much further than a box of Hamburger Helper; which I was shocked to see priced at $2.50 the other day, as a loss leader no less!! Scary stuff.

Right now, we haunt the local farmers markets and enjoy all the fresh, local foods we can. I believe frozen food is going to be more important for us this winter, as it is always less expensive. Oh well, at least my creativity will get a workout!

No matter what is going on during in our personal lives, the herbal stash grows. Right now, I am harvesting Goldenrod for winter cold and flu season. There seems to be plenty blooming, and it’s early. Hopefully, that doesn’t indicate more illness than normal this year. Either way, it sure is pretty.

If you are following the seasons for your pantry, now is the time to make some Sauerkraut. Actually all the veg could use a little fermenting, but start simple if you are new at it. Remember how stinky it gets! Don’t keep it right in the kitchen if you can help it.

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