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Soap Day

My order from Brambleberry came in, so I have great new scents for soapmaking. I wanted to make enough goatmilk soap for this weekend’s Junk Jaunt. Last year, I sold over 120 bars of it, so hopefully I will be just as busy again this time.

I have to say, the gingersnap scent sample they sent smells exactly like the real cookie. I mean, you can actually imagine the crunch of the cookie. Really spot on.

So far, I have made Peach and Unscented. I still have some China Rain, Oatmeal/lemon, Anise and Cedarwood left from the farmer’s market. Only 6 more scents to go!

If you have never made soap before, the following recipe is a good one to start with. I enjoy the results for newborn babies up to seniors, with their dry skin. It works great for everyone! I use the crockpot hot process method and here are my ingredients.

Amy’s Goatmilk Soap:

17 oz frozen, chunked goat milk
4 oz castor oil
4 oz beeswax
20 oz soybean(or olive if the market price is reasonable)
36 oz lard
7.98 oz lye

Using safe preparation methods and all safety precautions, this works excellent in a crockpot and makes at least 16 bars of soap. I usually divide it in half and make two smaller batches to keep the different scents available for the market-yea, I sell out that fast.

I hope this is  helpful for some of you fledgling soapmakers out there!

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