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Rhubarb Jam Filled Oatmeal Cookies

At the end of month, cooking becomes an art of Ingenuity. We always have meat in the freezer, basic pantry staples like flour, sugar, br. sugar, honey, maple syrup, b.powder and b. soda, salt, etc….So, we would never starve of course, but food gets a little boring. I came up with this simple idea to use some of the jam I have in the pantry. 
Make your favorite oatmeal cookie and make a well in the center before baking. After baking, let them cool and fill with your favorite jam. The above(horrible photo, but they go FAST and I only got these two) is basic oatmeal and rhubarb jam. 
These go great with cocoa or a hot cup of tea. 
I don’t like to bake cookies. They don’t really seem worth the trouble, as they are gone within 24 hours. I double any batch I do make and use a ice cream scoop to size them. The scoop I like the best is my Pampered Chef-medium size scoop. It makes perfect meatballs and is great for cookies too. I am not a PC seller, nor do I benefit in any way from telling you this. I just wanted to share. 🙂
Also, if you are making cookies, now is a great time to throw a dozen in the freezer for the holidays. I like to scoop them onto a plate, freeze the whole thing, then pop them off the plate and into a freezer bag. Then, when I want cookies, I can just put the frozen balls of dough onto a cookie sheet and bake. No need to thaw first. 
Have a great day!! 

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