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Review: The Hey Abby Automated Grow Box 420 Edition – Cultivate with Ease


Are you new to home growing or an experienced gardener looking to simplify your cultivation? The Hey Abby Automated Grow Box 420 Edition is what you need. Designed to make hydroponic gardening accessible to everyone, this compact system promises a hassle-free growing experience. After spending some time with this innovative grow box, here’s my in-depth review. I wanted to grow my own flower to make CBD products, and this was the perfect way to go from seed to salve with very little technical knowledge of what I was doing.
I have grown Cannabis in my garden when I lived in my cabin, but those were the old days. What I wanted now, was specifically CBD content for a variety of things I make. What more satisfying way to accomplish it than to grow it myself.
I started with (Harlequin X Sour Tsunami) X Kimbo Kush seeds from Herbies with 5-6% THC and 13-16% CBD.

Look at that little baby! <3

Effortless Setup and Use

One of the standout features of the Hey Abby Grow Box is its user-friendliness. Setting up the system is straightforward, with clear instructions that help you get started quickly. It’s literally opening the box and adding the screw in legs-Boom! Done. I set mine up in my bedroom, and it’s not only useful, it’s beautiful. Once set up, maintaining your garden requires minimal effort. In fact, users report spending less than 10 minutes per week on maintenance, thanks to the automated systems that manage most of the growing process.

Hydroponic System Explained

The heart of the Hey Abby Grow Box is its DWC (Deep Water Culture) hydroponic system. Unlike traditional soil-based gardening, DWC systems suspend plant roots in a nutrient-rich water solution, promoting faster growth and higher yields. This method not only maximizes efficiency but also eliminates common gardening woes like pests and diseases associated with soil.

Growing like a….weed!

Smart Features

Hey Abby doesn’t just simplify the physical aspects of gardening; it also incorporates smart technology to enhance the growing experience. The grow box includes automated lighting, temperature control, and nutrient delivery, which are all optimized for growing a wide range of plants. These features ensure that your plants receive the perfect amount of light, warmth, and nutrients without constant monitoring.

After changing the water. Easy Peasy to do!

Yield and Performance

Promising a yield of up to 6 ounces of dry flower, the Hey Abby Grow Box is quite impressive. The quality of yield largely depends on the type of seeds used and the care provided, but the automated systems significantly increase the likelihood of a successful harvest. Whether you’re growing herbs, vegetables, or cannabis, the results are consistently rewarding.

I had to learn how to prune it correctly. Scary the first time.

Support and Supplies

The package comes with three months of grow supplies, which is a great start for any gardener. Additionally, Hey Abby offers expert support to help you through any issues you might encounter. This support, combined with the included supplies, makes the grow box an excellent choice for those who are new to this type of gardening.

Getting there

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Hey Abby Automated Grow Box 420 Edition is a solid choice for anyone looking to dive into hydroponic gardening. Its simplicity, coupled with advanced features, makes it suitable for a wide audience, from novices to seasoned growers. Whether you’re looking to grow indoors due to limited space or just prefer a more controlled gardening environment, this grow box might just revolutionize how you approach gardening.

If you’re considering an automated grow box, the Hey Abby 420 Edition is definitely worth a look. Stay tuned for updates as I continue to explore more features and track the progress of my garden!

I am not ready for harvest obviously, but I am excited about how it’s been going so far. I would LOVE some recommendations for books if you have any. Thanks for reading!

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