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Quick nightime update

Junk Jaunt was slow but sure today. I sold a LOT of soap, gave out a lot of farm business cards, sold all the pumpkin breads, most of the cookies, but no brownies? Isn’t that weird?

It was really cold for the morning. The younger two boys ended up playing in the truck for most of it. It was funny to see them jamming to the radio. 🙂
Then around 11 or so, it warmed up enough for them to ride the tricycle around together. I just love that my children can play together. That is a skill that seems to be lost nowadays, with the way that kids are not supposed to be seen with younger kids.

I sold three of my books today. That was a strange experience. It was funny how people were really not interested until my 7 yr old piped up and told them that it was *my* book. I guess they thought it was just a pile of old books for sale? I dunno.

All in all, a very tiring, windy day. I am actually glad that it is over tomorrow. Not that I don’t love schmoozing, but it wipes me out to do so while the kids are fussing and don’t want to be there. On a lighter note: Cal and the older two boys got all 50 greenhouse posts finished and added the poles. Then they started the hoops and got half of the hoops in(25 of them). Tomorrow, we have a high winds warning of 45 mile per hour and I really don’t want them up on high ladders for that. I guess I will have to go supervise after noontime, when the Junk Jaunt ends.

I had better end this blog for the night. The kids are so tired that they can’t seem to settle down and are cranky. Until tomorrow! Nite!

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