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QOTD: Why is Natural Living So Damn Expensive?

I get this question in many forms and backhand comments. I mean, a LOT. From ‘must be nice’, to ‘I could never afford that’. There are plenty of reasons people have for dismissing the benefits of slow living and living a more natural lifestyle.

A. It’s not. Natural living is slow living. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with things we think we have to have and try to get everything done at once. That is expensive.

The biggest issue is that we are comparing ourselves to what we see in books and on social media. Now, I love both of those things, but do not for one minute think that people live in the beautiful, sanitized worlds that they speak of or share photos of. It’s all fake and comes from either wanting to sell you something or needing their ego stroked. Usually, it’s a bit of both.

We seem to have created this need for validation that is downright toxic, and allows others to have control over our personal lives where they have no business being. Let me list some of the fallacies I often see and read about.

  1. No time
  2. No money
  3. No knowledge
  4. ‘They’ are against me
  5. But “They” got it easier than I ever could
  6. But So and So says….
  7. I need all of these things before I can start that thing

None of those excuses are valid. They feel valid because change is scary and we try to find allllllll the possible reasons we can not to move forward.

As I tell my children if someone tells you that they ‘actually’ know the truth or the way or the answer and everyone else is wrong? That’s a red flag. If you hear someone telling you that you ‘have’ to have this item or ingredient or gadget or book to move forward with your dream? That’s a red flag.

Look for people who encourage these things instead:

  • Start small
  • Take your time
  • Make it yourself
  • It’s messy
  • Try it again
  • Read this or that
  • You can do it!
  • Don’t change because of fear
  • Everything really IS ok.
  • Keep going

One final note that I believe is so important:

Because I often write about herbalism and making home remedies, I don’t for a minute want you to take away that I think there is some sort of conspiracy to keep us all sick. Yes, I know Big Pharma is evil. Yes, I also know our healthcare in America is ruled only by profit and insurance companies control it all. I know this. And yet, I stand behind what I say. You CAN help keep yourself healthy, you can do something about the day to day things that you need in order to live healthy, but if you spend all your time getting worked up by listening to others rail and claw their faces about how unjust and unfair and hopeless everything is? Well, that is only hurting yourself. You can only have control over your own self. You can help your family and help your community, but you can not take on the weight of the evils in this world. Make your own piece of this earth your respite. Grow that little balcony garden. Hatch that little chicken. Cook that family meal and sit with one another. Give yourself grace, and carve out a bit of calm.

Live Gently,

Amy J

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