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Pizza On The Grill

Pizza on the grill makes me happy.

4 thoughts on “Pizza On The Grill”

  • Hi there! Came by your blog via FarmGal’s Just Another Day on the Farm and “WOW!” are they ever nice looking pizzas!! (Matter of fact I’ve seen alot less appealing ones dressed with a couple of basil leaves and few chunks of cheese on fancy-schmantzy websites by big name chefs that called them “pizza rustica”…
    So would it be possible…? Any chance of…? Oh heck! I’ve always wanted to be able to make my own pizza on the BBQ (and to find a great crust, but that’s another story – well maybe; ) Could you please (pretty, pretty please?) share your (very obvious skill and great talent) on grilled pizza? ‘Cause it’s just so flippin’ hot out right now and using the oven is TOTALLY out of the question with no air conditioning. Unless you already have, of course. Hm,mm guess I should go look. Meantime, when things cool off again, I’ll definitely be trying out your massive brownie recipe: ) Thanks a bunch, Deb

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