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Nothing Difficult About Oats

This post is the result of a link about McDonald’s serving pseudo-oatmeal now. I realize that we all have a choice about food. I get that. My issue is them selling this as a healthy alternative. It is akin to their lies  marketing choice of words, saying that their chocolate milk is healthy. Not-so-much. 

My beef is with their lies in advertising. Hey, I know how good the fries are! 

So, to the oats…….

If you are frugal or stocking your pantry, it is more than likely that you have oats in there. Oats can thicken, bake up into fabulous desserts, breads, crisps and cookies, soothe the skin(and your inner bits too), keep you full and so much more. They are incredibly versatile and have I mentioned inexpensive?

Although I would love to go all *Organic* on you, for most of us our food dollars are stretched as far as they can go, and just keeping everyone fed daily can be a challenge. If you want to add a wholesome food to the diet, have a quick snack available at all times, and stock up on a hearty, easy food…oats are for you!
Buy regular oats, from regular companies and feed the kids.

Buy them every time you shop. If you prefer oatmeal that has a smoother texture, buy quick cooking oats. If you prefer a heartier version, with discernible oat bits still visible, try Old Fashioned oats.
To save money, do NOT buy instant oatmeal. It is a marketing gimmick, and you are paying for packaging and additives you don’t need.

Measure out 1/4 cup sized scoops of oats into snack bags. Seriously. Just add the oats. Sure, you can get fancy and add all sorts of yummy bits to the bags, or simply add them when you are stirring your bowl of oats.

  •  Measure out the oats into bags
  • When you want to eat  oatmeal, pour measured oats into a bowl and cover with water. 
  • Microwave for 1 minute
  • Stir and add your extras. 
We like so many things in our oatmeal, that I thought I would just make a list to throw some ideas out there:
Peanut butter
Dried cranberries
Any dried fruit bits
Maple syrup
Brown sugar
I know, these are not premade packets of fancy, sweetened oatmeal, but why bother? It takes mere seconds to add the good stuff when you are stirring. 
When you are feeling industrious or particularly foodish, cook them on the stove. This post is to illustrate how forgiving (and yummy) oats can be! 
Do you eat oats?

3 thoughts on “Nothing Difficult About Oats”

  • hi Farming Wife! Thank you for the recent follow. We do this with oats too, adding raisons, 100% maple syrup, coconut, etc. The kids love it and don't miss the junky flavor stuff at all!

  • I love your blog! We have tons of oats and barley flakes we are using. I make baked oatmeal with them, or throw a bit into the food processor with spices/herbs to use in meatloaf. I will look up some more uses, ad my family gets sick of oatmeal and I have to find new uses 🙂

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