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National Seed Swap Day

Something a little different today: National Seed Swap Day!! I want to swap some seeds with anyone interested, how fun is that? Swapping seeds is a wonderfully frugal way to grow the healthiest food for your family.

I have quite a list of  heirloom seeds and plenty of other seeds from my addiction, err hobby of seed collecting. I garden in zone 5b and these seeds have done well for me. Almost everything I have, came from seed swaps and ordering from Richters.com or www.rareseeds.com (Baker’s Creek).

Although I love looking through my 1 foot thick pile of gardening catalogs, it is much nicer to get to know other gardeners and share seeds with them. I never use an entire packet of tomato or pepper seeds, despite my  husband’s desire to grow 1000 of any plant. Trust me, you don’t need 50 hot pepper plants, no matter how busy the farmer’s market is.

February is the time of year that I start a lot of my flats in the greenhouse. It is the perfect time for me to get serious about seed swapping.

Please let me know if you want to see my list or share yours!

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  • I would be interested to learn more about your process with starting seeds in a greenhouse. I am building a greenhouse this year and am zone 4 but close enough to 5 your experiences will be similar to what I would expect. If you wouldn't mind, I would like to pick your brain. My email address is [email protected]. Thank you!!!

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