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Looking For Reviewers

My latest book Canning and Preserving for Dummies 3rd Edition, is finally finished! I am so proud of this edition and think that the updates really make it a useful addition to any kitchen.
I talk about both pressure canning and hot water bath canning, dehydrating, freezing, mixes, and even root cellars and different food storage alternatives. My most loved recipes are included (with new and updated ones if you have the 2nd edition), and overall, it’s just beautiful. Think of it as having me in the kitchen with you as you learn and utilize food preservation.

I would like to have some people review it and give honest feedback before it goes live. If you are new to food preservation or experienced and willing to give my suggestions a read, please send me an email. I will keep everyone in the loop as to when I get review copies and when they will be going out.

You can pre order through Amazon here: Canning and Preserving for Dummies, 3rd Edition

2 thoughts on “Looking For Reviewers”

  • I’d be honored to review your book, should you still need people to do so. I am currently collecting heirloom seeds and have bought a dehydrator and looking to begin canning as I feel that preferable to freezing.

    Thank you for writing this book for us beginners and everyone else that needs a little help. 😉

    God bless,
    Jo Anne

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