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It Isn’t Always About The Food

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Sometimes, it is more about the conversation. What you are eating is secondary. This is a snack plate that I made for my teenager. He was a little bit embarrassed that I took the time to slice and dice, but it was soon followed by a laugh and memories of his funny food habits. 
When he was a little kid, his food could never touch. God forbid it had a coating of butter on it or sticky or too dry or too flavorful…ugh. Just remembering makes me tired. 

This lunch was also a great catalyst for him to open up about what was in his head. He shared some frustrations he is having with his dad (why share with your father when letting it fester is so much more…I dont know, interesting?). Without us looking at each other, we could work through it, and he actually saw a glimpse of another perspective. 

All over some sliced bananas, cukes and itty bitty cracker bites. 

I love food. 

By the way, if you want to check out my oldest son’s new blog, he will pretend that he doesn’t like it, but he will. Thanks!

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