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8 More Teas and Herbals For Seasonal Allergy Relief

When spring blooms, so do our allergy symptoms. Often mistaken for the common cold, seasonal allergies—or allergic rhinitis—bring sneezes, sniffles, and watery eyes to many of us. Before you reach for the antihistamines, consider a natural and tasty alternative available right in your kitchen: teas and herbal infusions!

Here’s a guide to eight comforting herbals that can help you navigate through allergy season:

  1. Rooibos – Also known as “red tea,” rooibos is packed with bioflavonoids like rutin and quercetin that help block histamines, the pesky chemicals responsible for allergy symptoms. A cup of this soothing tea might also ease skin irritations.
  2. Ginger – Known for its ability to combat nausea, ginger tea is also a potent natural antihistamine that can calm inflamed nasal passages.
  3. Peppermint – This refreshing tea acts as a natural decongestant. Peppermint can reduce the secretion of histamines and help you breathe easier.
  4. Lemon Balm – Part of the mint family, lemon balm is perfect for alleviating headache and respiratory difficulties related to allergies. Its calming properties also help with relaxation.
  5. Licorice – Licorice root is an excellent remedy for an itchy, runny nose thanks to its antihistamine and anti-inflammatory qualities.
  6. Green Tea – A powerhouse of antioxidants, green tea contains quercetin, which provides protection against inflammation and blocks allergic reactions to pollen, dust, and pet dander.
  7. Berry Teas – Berries are rich in quercetin as well, making a blueberry infusion another great choice to reduce allergy symptoms.
  8. Turmeric– Celebrated for its anti-inflammatory effects, turmeric is a strong antihistamine that can slow down the onset of allergy symptoms.

During peak pollen times, keep windows closed early in the morning and avoid hanging laundry outside to dry. Wash away pollen from your body and hair with a refreshing shower at the end of the day. And, of course, make time to enjoy a delicious cup of tea—anytime you need a soothing moment during the busy allergy season.

Looking for more herbs for allergy relief?

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