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Herbal This and That

The weather is warming up! I am so glad that winter is on its way out. Not that we can put the snow shovels away anytime soon, but the greenhouse is calling out to be filled, and the animals have lost their accusing stares, when we go out to do chores. Truly, they still think we are responsible for the below zero temps. As if.

No matter what the groundhog says, our guard is not down, and actually the warm/cold cycle of late winter days can wreak havoc on the livestock. That and the dusty nature of their feed, makes me, the Dairy Maid, stay on high alert.

Yesterday, I had to the unglamorous job of cleaning off gunk from one of my dairy does’ nose and then treat the resulting *diaper rash* area around her nostrils. Yes folks, I said nostrils and diaper rash in one sentence. Ugh.

She gets stuffy, runny nose from the alfalfa dust in the bagged alfalfa pellets(yet another reason to go with simple alfalfa hay instead). On the dairy stand, the girls get alfalfa pellets to give them something to do.

I used a warm washcloth and, errr..removed the mess. her mucous  membranes and skin directly around the nostrils, was irritated and slightly weepy. This is a job for salve!

To make a good salve, start with a good herb infused oil. Dont have any? Consider making your own. It is simply a matter of warming olive oil and soaking herbs in the oil for a few hours. Melt in some bee’s wax and your good.  Really. That easy.

Right now, I am doing paperwork and planning for next weekend. I will presenting my talk: The Farmer’s Herbal,  at the Healthy Farm Conference on the 18th, in Columbus, NE.  If you have a chance to attend, it should be an amazing learning experience.

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