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Help In The Kitchen

Bekah is almost 18 months! She is such a peach and loves to help me cook. Here she is waiting to scrape the extra flour off the measuring cup. Awww.

We have been having quite a bit of kale lately. It is one of the first things ready in the garden, so I try to serve it as much as possible. Last night, we had it on the grill, with baby onions and Portabella mushrooms. Delish!

If you haven’t already, check out my new foodie blog at www.foodista.com. It’s been such a great opportunity to share all the recipes that are a regular thing around here.

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  • You are so blessed with such a bright kid! Exposing her to kitchen duties may help her become an excellent chef or restaurateur. But first, make sure you keep your kitchen baby-proofed. Better hire a kitchen remodeling NYC contractor in doing so.

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