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Grocery Day!

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No one else ever seems as excited about grocery day as I am. It has always been a day to look forward to, but maybe it is because I go about it in a different manner than most. I wouldn’t dream of going to the store without these three things:

1. A Plan – Where am I going and in what order. I do not run willy-nilly around town.

2. A List – What am I shopping for? Food, clothing, bits and pieces of some project, things the family members requested. Some items get checked off of a big list, others stay on until I find just the right item.

3. A Calculator – Shopping ends when the calculator says so. I do not use credit cards, payment plans, rob Peter to pay Paul, or any of that business. The top of my list has the total amount that I can spend for the day. When that is gone, I go home.

Does this sound overwhelming? Really, it’s not. Instead of being bothersome, shopping with some sort of guidelines, gives me a sense of security. I can then focus on buying what I need and not worrying if there is enough to cover it in the bank.

Today, I am going to be buying 7 breakfast/lunch/dinner meals, some pantry items, a few herb plants and perennials that are on sale locally, and looking for a recliner and/or couch for the livingroom. We have two thrift stores on my route, that take a mere 5 minutes to blow through. It’s pretty simple when looking for furniture. Clothing needs much more concentration.

So, enough chit chat. This is cutting into my shopping day! Have a joyful and fun filled Sunday, everyone.

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  • I shop like you too! Love it. Hope you had luck with your furniture search…fun fun fun!

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