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Fun Leftover Tips

Did you make too much whipped cream? I found out through nervous experimentation, that if you freeze piles of whipped cream on wax paper lined cookie sheets, they store in freezer bags just fine. Then, when you need a dollop on a pie or whatever, you take them out one by one and place on the dessert. They thaw in a just a few minutes-perfectly.

Also, if you scoop all your leftover stuffing into a bread pan before placing into the fridge, the next day you can slice it nicely to fit those turkey sandwiches. Oh, you have never tried stuffing on your turkey sandwich? Well, there  ya go. I make wraps with a little mayo, a slice of cranberry sauce, some stuffing and then the turkey. Roll tightly and slice in half. The kids LOVE how cool all the ingredients look rolled up.

Too late to put your stuffing into a pan? Add an egg and some extra seasoning to cold stuffing and mix well. Using that ice cream scooper I recommended you buy, scoop balls of stuffing mixture out and fry in a pan with a little oil(I use butter). Press down to flatten slightly as the first side browns in the pan. These little patties are wonderful and the perfect size for a toddler to eat as a snack.

I am behind since writing my Nanowrimo novel all month, but I do have blogs up and coming about canning turkey soup, making crepes and more. Stay tuned!!

3 thoughts on “Fun Leftover Tips”

  • Too much whipped cream ….I understand all the words, but the arrangement of them together confuses me. Too … much … whipped … cream … Nope. Still can't figure out what that means.So says, I should admit, the woman who discovered she's cow-milk sensitive. If I say I'd die for a heaping bowl of whipped cream and fresh strawberries, realize that it's an exaggeration. I would, however, whimper and cry in pain until it had all (miserably, horribly, painfully, slowly) passed through my system.Turky-stuffing-cranberry sandwiches … mmmmmmmm! Yummy.

  • I know..I love it too. Cow milk does that to me. Not so much goat's milk thank goodness. Unfortunately, we go through so much milk that it's hard to save up enough cream to even think about making whipped cream with it. Right now, I have 4 in milk, but three are first timers. So a total of a 5 quarts a day. Sad, but there it is.

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