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Gratitude Jar

In an effort to focus on the positive, I created a gratitude jar for the family to remind ourselves of why there are reasons in our lives to stay positive. Each day, I ask the kids to come up with a couple of things they are thankful for and then I jot each one down on a slip of paper and place it into the jar.

My plan is to take turns reading the slips while we eat dessert on Thanksgiving day. Nobody is onto my idea yet so there will be no excuses.

Our family tradition is to go around the table just before we eat and say something that we are grateful for this past year. Sometimes there is a jokester who mentions the pie, but usually, we hear some pretty sweet things.

If you like want to make a gratitude jar (or basket, or bowl), here is a printable page you can use to make the slips of paper a little more festive.

Finally, if you are interested, there are still 8 days until Thanksgiving and I have been posting organizational tips, ideas, and other helpful things in TFW Group on Facebook. I would love to have you join us!

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