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Finding Thankfulness For Thanksgiving 2020

It’s a short 10 days until Thanksgiving. I have the menu and the shopping list, but the real planning begins now. How can I get the same excitement and feeling of thankfulness into our lives when everything is in turmoil?

Be Thankful

I firmly believe that if I find the positive, the kids will too. This year more than ever, I try to vocalize something good about our day during Covid. Some days it is just that the new tea we ordered online is tasty, or that we are catching up on all the games we have been neglecting in the homeschool cupboard. Believe me, it’s not always heartfelt on my part, but I practice the “glass half full” part of parenting.

This year, I am thankful for so much. I have come partway out of the black hole I was in after losing my dad. Although I am not 100% myself, I certainly know that I am far more stable and able to be a good mom again.

I am thankful for the time I have been able to spend with my children. Of course, we are usually home together, but there is something endearing about them saying how it’s not so bad because they like being here with me.

I am thankful that the gardens grew as well as they did. The new greenhouse is finished, the wood is cut and stored, I am writing another book, and best of all? I have a fantastic job. It’s only until February but you know what? I am wringing every second of awesomeness out of it. That is probably the real truth here. Be IN the moment. Find the joy-even a glimmer of joy.

What glimmer of thankful can you find in your life?

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