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Fall is Coming!

The tomatoes are finally picked and the herb bed is taken apart, potted into 1 gallon pots and sorted. I guess fall is here? Doesn’t feel like it. 80 degree weather today and the whole past week. Ugh. I can’t wait until fall finally rolls in. I am getting uncomfortably big to be squatting and standing all the time. The baby seems to sleep the whole while though. May be she thinks it is like a circus ride?

Our green house isnt here yet. It was shipped the 10th of the month and frankly, how can a tractor trailer load of steel take so much time to get here? Cal and the boys are anxious to get working on it before the weather turns too cold. Nothing like assembling a 95 foot long steel frame in biting wind. Yikes!

We received the chick order finally. I picked up 50 little puffs this afternoon. Half are Rhode Island Reds and half are Barred Rock. They should be laying just in time for spring. I can’t wait for more eggs. Funny now that I have so many customers, I never have eggs for the house. Oh well. The pics are from my phone and I took one from each side of the box they shipped in. Sorry for the poor quality.


Ok, enough chatter for now, back to work.

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