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Dusting Off The Blog To Talk Crepes

Rebekah’s First Christmas

So sorry! December gets away from me every year. . I admit that the holidays get me really stressed out. It all starts with making lists of things to make, then I have to make them. With all the kids on the list, it becomes more work and less fun as the days pass by.

Now that the new year is here, I will be able to focus more on sharing my kitchen and finding more frugal bloggers to read. I have been up to a lot of fun stuff in the kitchen lately!

So, how did everyone’s thrifty gift-giving work out this year? Mine was a hit, and they are still using the things they were given, two weeks later. That might be because I put them up in the closet after each use. Mean mommy..

What’s for dinner? We have been enjoying crepes. They are surprisingly easy to make. All these years I felt that it was some sort of tricky food, better left for the expert chef, than for a farm wife to tackle. Not so!! Crepes are nothing more than a paper thin, egg based pancake. The crepes cook lightning fast, so I get to sit and eat with the family at the same time. Pancake night can be a little like I am a short order cook.

Here is the recipe I have been using:

I feed 7 with enough left for breakfast using

2 cups flour
4 cups milk
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar(can omit if desired)
Butter for the pan

  • Blend the flour/milk/salt and sugar until smooth and thin.
  • Coat a small skillet with butter and heat on medium high
  • Place about 2 Tablespoons of batter(I use my gravy ladle) in the pan, while tilting the pan as you pour, to create a thin layer on the bottom as you go. The crepe will almost cook as soon as it touches the pan.
  • When the crepe firms up on the bottom(mere seconds), carefully use a thin spatula to start the edge peeling. You can flip the whole thing with a spatula, but I have much better luck pinching the lifted edge and flipping it. Just practice until you do what works best for you.
  • I rest each crepe on a platter as I go, no layering or doing anything fancy, but I don’t stack them evenly on top of one another. You need to be able to peel off each crepe by the edge in order to keep them from ripping.
  • A serving is 2 for the kids and 3 for my husband, that is filled with anything you desire. It is fun to load the table with jams and jellies, applesauce and rhubarb sauce, sour cream and sugars..Let everyone choose their own toppings. Here is what we have been using:
  • Strawberries, cooked and  mashed with a dollop of Greek style yogurt on top
  • Bananas cooked in brown sugar and butter, dust the filled crepe with powdered sugar
  • Plain rolled crepe, dipped in warm syrup – this is great for the littlest kids
No matter how you serve them, crepes are fancy but simple and everyone loves them.

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