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Christmas Meal Planning Printables

Christmas Meal Planning printable

I love the last couple of weeks before Christmas. Part of what makes this the best season on the farm is the little things that the kids and I do to make it festive. I couldn’t do it without my Christmas meal planning printables to keep me organized. Writing down what I plan on making means I can shop when it is convenient and there are more opportunities to find a few items without having to make a marathon shopping trip.

It’s not all about the food though. Today, we made ornaments for the tree for 2020. Although I was leaning toward making a miniature dumpster, complete with fire, instead we went with glass balls and paint.

Being realistic, I avoided buying the 12 pack of glass ornaments because I knew that Sebastian would become bored before he did all of his, and Bekah would be stuck doing way too many by herself. The 4 pack was just perfect.

These ornaments couldn’t be easier; Simple pop off the top and squeeze paint inside. Then, tap and turn the ball until it is sufficiently coated in paint. Mix colors any way you like. We found that the colors didn’t blend much at all with the little they mixed inside the glass, making them just pretty instead of muddy.

Just the same as Thanksgiving, I like to organize my Christmas dinner. Who am I kidding? I organize it all; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here are a few Christmas meal planning printables to help keep you organized as well. Enjoy!

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