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Charts and Lists and Chores – Oh My!


Every year, we have a schedule to make up for our school year. The summer months at first, seem a relief from the busy days, but honestly things run more smoothly when everyone has direction.

By everyone, I also include myself. There is something so freeing, about waking with purpose for the day. Now, I am all about having time to ponder life, just not too much time. Honestly, I ponder all I need to, when I am working on something else. I don’t need it to be quiet to do so.

So back to scheduling. I found this gem at the thrift store last week:



At $4.00, I think I can make this work. I have never used a reward system with the children, but I do love lists. We check them off for our daily chores, class lists, meal plans, gift buying..you name it. This year, I am anxious to tighten up some areas that could use some work, i.e. some bad habits that need fixing.

I really believe that having a visible list of expectations is so much nicer than nagging, don’t you? This chart will probably become that list. The cute little magnets will end up gone, but a dry erase marker will work great.

What do you use to keep your family on track? I also found some great printable ideas:

Confessions Of A Homeschooler – This is an amazing, printable chore chart, complete with chore chart cards to print.

Growing Up Gabel – has a pretty little printable, a chore chart for us moms. Now, that is something I need! There are quite a few in her post, so you can pick and choose what works.


For more of a homeschool schedule chart, I am embarrassed to admit that I am sooo old school. I wrote up some basic pages years ago, and laminated them. Now, I just print out a fresh page (I like a month at a time). Here is a peek:


A 4 day school week, for 3 kids



 Our monthly calendar, for appointments, days off, etc. 

See what I mean? Not pretty. 🙁 But I have been using it for so long that it works for me. The point is, if it is written down and visual, it’s not overwhelming.

It is fun to see how the kids have progressed, and it really helps me to see that we have accomplished something, especially in March, which tends to be our burnout month. Every day is a challenge. We often take a break, just to appreciate the school schedule once again.

Well, the kids are hungry, so I had better finish up. I would LOVE to see how you organize your lives. If it is printable and free, all the better. Have a fantastic day!

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