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Charts and Lists and Chores – Oh My!

Every year, we have a schedule to make up for our school year. The summer months at first, seem a relief from the busy days, but honestly things run more smoothly when everyone has direction. By everyone, I also include myself. There is something so 

What’s On Your Lunch Menu?

No, I am not going to rant about the school lunch program again. Today, this is closer to my heart, and home. What is on the lunch menu for your homeschooled children? Our school year starts pretty soon, and that means organizing and preparing breakfast, 

Wild salad

This is a lovely Wild Food salad, that someone brought to the Homeschool prom yesterday. Isn’t it pretty? It had delicious violets, wild garlic, and lambs quarters in the mix. So awesome to see wild bits on the menu.

Apps-School: New Year-New iPad

Photo: Apps-School.com We use real life living, to teach a large part of our homeschool day. I have never been a workbook/busy work, kind of teacher, preferring to teach lessons with a purpose.It is a given, that my kids have to be on the cutting