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Are We Full Yet

Week 7 is here, and there is 13 pounds less of me. That may seem strange, coming from someone who obsesses about homecooking and comfort foods. The truth is, I still eat everything I used to, only a whole lot less of it.
As far as my health is concerned, I am 41. I am now a  size 14 and that is a snug 14. Despite what advertisers say, this is not grossly obese. I do not have any medical concerns that make me want to lose weight. I have never been thin and that isn’t my goal. I simply am an older mom of very  young children, who did not drop the weight after this last baby, and now I am threatening to move up a size in clothes.


Recently, someone was talking about the new guidelines for the American diet. Because there is so much emphasis on no junk food(we don’t eat it for the most part) and tons of dairy(we don’t go nuts there either), I really pay little to no attention. This time, however, something struck me.

Why is there so much emphasis on what we should or shouldn’t eat, and nothing said on how much we eat? Hear me out.

I am a food lover. I love food, good food, real, full fat, natural food that I create in my own home, from ingredients that I probably grew myself. This is fact. If someone said that I had to eat this or that for the rest of my life, I would start out all inspired and then by week 2, be throwing up my hands at the impracticality or unhealthiness of it all.
It’s time to start the Whole Nutrition Diet. Here are the rules:

Let’s eat whatever the hell we like, make every bite rich and satisfying
Eat until you are NOT hungry
Eat only when you ARE hungry
Drink water. Period
Eat a whole lot less.
If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.

I’m done.

Your turn, do you do some wacky diet thing that makes you nuts?

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