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Another Two Week Shopping List

Finally, it is time for shopping again. This time, the kids are coming with me. I really like to take all of them and have lunch, but it is such sticker shock when I do.  This week, however, we are celebrating being able to sort of get out and about again(after our hiatus for the new baby).

We are going to the Chinese buffet to eat. It will be about 35 dollars with tip and the last time I took all of them out, was early fall. I sure will feel that 35 dollars worth of groceries though. I have decided to spend an extra 50 this time, to cover the lunch and have a little breathing room. Truthfully, I found a WM gift card in my baby bag that had $13.33 left on it. So not much extra really. Those doing the math, the few extra bucks will be for the thrift store, so everyone can look for something they would like.

On to the food list: 14 meals, with snacks and  breakfast/lunches included:
Juice or tea
Bacon(our own) at least half of the time
Toad in a hole(fried egg in a hole that is cut out of a slice of bread)

Leftovers of course
My soup split into individual portions
Sandwiches/carrots and ranch or something cut up with a dip
Quesedillas(sp) with leftover meat and cheese inside
My hot pockets made with boiled chicken and some with ham/cheese
Frozen sandwiches-so easy to make and only takes 1 lb of meat to make about 16 sammies! Very frugal.

Chicken Pot Pie
Fish sandwiches
Mac and Cheese
Beanless Chili
Chicken Tenders-homemade
Stir Fry with eggrolls
Roast in crockpot

Since I have scouts and guitar lessons on Mondays, two of these meals have to be in the crockpot. I am thinking roast and then something like Ravioli or another easy to make dish. The only problem is that no one in the family likes roast in the crockpot at all, except my mother in law. They don’t hate it, just dislike the texture and overdone-ness. Ugh

I have been following a new tag on Twitter #OAMC (once a month cooking), of which I am a huge fan. If you are on Twitter, check out some of the people using that tag. I am currently looking for a good breakfast cookie recipe and just more ideas in general. You can never learn enough about keeping a pantry stocked imo.

That is it for now, Rebekah is really fussing and Sebastian refuses to go to sleep until I get in between the two of them. Within a minute, both will be snoozing. 🙂

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