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So much excitement around the farm, my poor personal blog is gathering dust. Fall has arrived here, which means pumpkins and squash to process. Last year, I wrote a blog about how to process fresh pumpkins for pie.
On to the news.
Tuesday, I went to the Martha Stewart show, in NYC. It was a mad undertaking, but worth every minute and every penny. My oldest son and of course the babygirl, went with me, as I can’t leave her overnight.
We flew over on Tuesday, went to the taping Wednesday morning, and flew home that afternoon. Please talk me out of doing that again.
Rebekah was extremely well behaved. All she required was the iPad and lots of snuggling with mom, to keep her from going nuts. Nathanial was as bored as a 16 yr old is with anything not directly related to them.

I didn’t get my 5 minutes of fame, but did get my basket of dried and canned things on MS’s site, and the family saw me multiple times from home. I guess there won’t be any agents knocking at my door just yet, wanting to represent me and my brand.

Second, my next book is out! Well, it’s in my hands. Canning and Preserving all in one, is a humongous book of recipes and how to’s. Make sausage, make kefir, ferment things, bake things, freeze things…It is like I dumped my recipe book right into the pages, errr actually, I did. Hopefully, it will help out some people, inspire others and even lift a toddler up to the table a little, when placed under his or her bum. It’s that thick!
So, that’s all for tonight. It is 2 am, and I hear the baby rustling around behind me. Night all!

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