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FREE Ways to Entertain Kids During a Quarantine

As more and more people find themselves at home and with their children, it can be difficult to figure out how to fill the days and bring some semblance of order to this worrisome time. Here is a list of 5 free ways to entertain (and educate) your kids during a quarantine. Some are online and some off. I’ll add to this list when I find other links.
Be safe, stay calm, and wash your hands. <3
~Amy J

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There are endless links for educational companies offering free subscriptions for kids due to school closings. What a fantastic resource!

Scholastic Learn at Home

Scholastic Learn at Home

The beloved Scholastic from when we were young, still goes above and beyond with wholesome, engaging content for children. They have created a learning resource for kids that are home due to school closures and I am just as excited as my kids are. Check this one out for sure.

30 Virtual Tours for Kids

This is a Google Docs link with live links on the document. Find links to things like the San Diego Zoo, Mars, Animal cams and much more.

All Kids Network

All Kids Network is full of fun games and learning activities. If you have a printer at home, this site will keep your children learning and engaged, OFFLINE.

Ever Clever Mom

Blogger, Carly, at Ever Clever Mom has a fantastic post with on and offline activities.

Finally, don’t discount the idea that your kids really just want to spend time with you. Allow them to help with the daily activities you already do, play games with them, allow them to be bored and watch them come up with their own imaginative play.

I find my kids do like some semblance of a routine, so chores, mealtime, farm chores, reading time, school time, snuggle time are always present. It’s a huge adjustment for everyone, but if you can provide some sort of normalcy to your days, it relieves their fears and helps you to manage the situation more easily.

I hope these 5 free ways to entertain your kids during a quarantine are helpful. Do you have favorite places to find kids’ activities? Please submit them to me and I will add to this list.

Still feeling a little overwhelmed? Check out my video on how to plan and organize your shopping.

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