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10 Herbs for Herbal Vinegar

Herbal vinegar is a great way to use your herbs. How many times have you snipped yet another handful of basil, and found yourself wondering what in the world to do with all those leaves?

When you consider the sheer number of delicious herbs and varieties of vinegars that can be combined, the flavor possibilities are endless. Start with your favorite herbs, and some glass containers to make your mixes. Soon you will find that every herb just needs to become an herbal vinegar.

Here are Ten herbs that taste wonderful as herbal vinegar.

1.  Basil

Basil grows so well, sometimes you can wonder what to do with it all. Making herbal vinegar is the perfect answer! Once you have some made, store it in a cool, dry place and rebottle into something smaller for table use.

2.  Dill

Dill is a well-loved flavor by almost everyone. Make dill vinegar with any type of vinegar base you desire, but white vinegar allows the dill to really shine through.

3.  Fennel

Fennel is such a tremendous flavor! Try making it in light flavored vinegar like rice wine. It tasted lovely on a fruit salad or fruit salsa.

4.  Garlic

Garlic is perfect for adding a boost to almost any other vinegar flavor. Using it straight up, creates a whole new flavor component of many dishes, however.

5.  Lemon Balm

With its crisp, lemony flavor, lemon balm is the perfect herb for vinegar. Use it when creating marinades and light salad dressings.

6.  Sweet Marjoram

Sort of the 3 D version of oregano, marjoram offers all the spice without any of the bitterness that oregano can sometimes have. Marjoram pairs well with stronger flavored vinegars.

7.  Rosemary

Rosemary will bring your herbed vinegars to new heights. Its resinous flavor will create the most luscious marinades for red meats, and a splash in potato salad.

8.  Tarragon

Try tarragon vinegar and be amazed! This lightly scented flavoring will pair very well with lighter flavored vinegars, or in a blend. Cheese and egg dishes will benefit from a bit of tarragon flavoring, so try the vinegar when you create salads that contain either ingredient.

9.  Thyme

Thyme vinegar is richly scented. The resinous flavor shines in any vinegar variety, but I enjoy it with stronger flavored bases. One of my favorite ways to make thyme vinegar is to use apple cider vinegar and add a touch to my tomato based dishes.

10.  Chives

Chives are to be considered the “Gateway” herb, LOL. They are super simple to grow and taste like onions but much less sharp. Chive vinegar is a stunning hot pink although it does fade in the light. Don’t worry, the yummy taste is still there. I like white vinegar with chives. Its clean taste allows the delicate onion flavor to be the star. Use this as an ingredient for making salad dressing.

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