Seasonal Eating: Pumpkins and Squash



Some things, like pumpkin and squash, are so inexpensive, they need to come back into the spotlight for the frugal foods they are. Both pumpkin and winter squashes, can be used¬†interchangeably¬†in recipes. Buy as many pie pumpkins as you can, and keep them in a cool, dry place. Winter squash keeps very well, too, and since it isn’t as popular, the price stays low. Now that you know they are tasty, take advantage of this and stock up!

Do you love buying cans of pumpkin and making your seasonal pies? Why not make that pumpkin yourself, and store all you can fit in the deep freeze? Here is an older post that I wrote, which walks you through the process:

How To Process A Fresh Pumpkin

If I had to choose just one (heaven forbid) I would go for a Blue Hubbard Squash. They can grow to ¬†40 pounds, and yes, it’s almost all useable.

Other than pumpkins and squash, how aobut apples and greens and root veg? Right now, the things that are in season have less fanfare surrounding them, but they are rich with flavor and very versitile. Get out there and see what’s (still) growing!



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  1. Teresa

    What do mean used interchangeably? Also do you have some good winter squash recipes to try? I like their taste, but at a loss what to do with them!!!!

  2. Hi Teresa -Thanks for the comment. What I mean is, you can substitute pumpkin for winter squash and vise versa. When preparing squash for the freezer, follow the directions that I gave for pumpkin, and then thaw and use all winter. That way, if you have access to winter squash but not pumpkins, you can still enjoy your pumpkin muffins and breads, just with squash. No one can tell the difference.
    I have a nice recipe for a braided bread if you are looking for something easy. I also roast cubed squash or pumpkin, with my other veg, even frozen cubes come out nicely browned and yummy.
    HTH and let me know if you have any more questions!

    Amy J

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