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Welcome to my favorite place on the web. My name is Amy Jeanroy, AKA The Farming Wife,  and I am mom to 5 spectacular kids, ranging from  3 to 20 yrs. I have 4 boys and 1 wee girlie. Our family lives on a 130  acre homestead  of beautiful forest off the Bay of Fundy, in Northern Maine. We have the best of both worlds; we are in the forest with no neighbors, yet 1 short mile to the ocean. From the upstairs windows, we can see the sun rise over the water and when you step outside, you smell pine trees and salty breeze. It is absolute heaven.

It has been such a trial waiting to move back to Maine again. I have been gone over 16 years, and due to my husband’s job, had to live in some pretty interesting places. Some places in the Midwest are stunningly beautiful, while others are absolutely horrible. We just kept our eyes on the prize of returning to Maine, and tried to make a life for our kids wherever we were. 

I have been married for many years to a very patient man. It is not often that I speak of him, because he doesn’t really *do* the internet, and I am not comfortable talking about him where he can’t see it.

The children have never gone to public school, which makes for an interesting family dynamic. As we go through our days, the struggles of daily life are rewarded with the closeness that we all have for each other. Well, the boys have a love/hate thing going on, but at the end of the day make peace and share the popcorn. I love to write about homeschool curriculum and our experience with them.

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I have been freelance writing since 1995, starting out with parenting articles and being a stringer for a local newspaper, then morphing over to herbalism and gardening. Now, I write all over the web about gardening, herbs, cooking and sustainable farming/lifestyle. I do miss writing about parenting, but life is like that-you just have to go where it takes you.

This blog is primarily for me to *let my hair down* so to speak. It is where I can share my family, my kitchen, and whatever strikes my fancy. No deadlines!! You will not find any political or religious posts here. Those topics are inflammatory at their least, and divisive at their worst. If you would like to get down and dirty about that that sort of stuff, feel free to do a Google for those topics. We live a pretty frugal, earth friendly lifestyle. I grow much of our own food (including livestock), and I am passionate about food preservation. Most of the time, I post the recipes that I either invented (not always a big hit and often the source of humor around our table), or found online.

So, welcome again. If you like to garden, preserve your own food, scratch cook, homeschool, fill the pantry, raise goats, DIY, embrace the family life and laugh a lot (!), you will find all of that here. I try to behave but I am a little bit saucy..your children could read over your shoulder 98% of the time. Mine usually are. :-)

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to getting to know you.

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  1. Barbara Peckham-Devine

    I am so lucky to know you.

  2. Sekhem

    Hi Amy, just came across some of your articles on about.com and found them very interesting and refreshingly simple, especially as I am currently researching the possibility of pursuing a career path in alternative healing, which I now feel is a part of my calling, particularly herbology. I’m based in South Africa and would also like to eventually establish an alternative healing centre in the future. Can you please advise me on the most practical way to train as a herbalist, especially as i would prefer not to have to learn the craft via a formal institution, but rather hands on. At present i stay in a 3rd floor flat and don’t have any land or a garden, although I am presently working on securing a plot of land to work with. And would appreciate any tips on how I may be able to improvise around these limitations. I know using plant-pots maybe one alternative in the meantime.

    All the best


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